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Rossie Is Speaking

Rossie McCree

Quiet in the studio! Ms. McCree is speaking, so listen up; hear her, now and believe her later! If you haven’t yet been acquainted with the esteemed persona of this multi-talented individual then you’ve come to the right place. Since I’ve known her, I’ve been impressed with her work ethic and accomplishments, but, most importantly, she’s a genuinely nice person.

I first got to know of Rossie (rhymes with “bossy”) McCree through her friend John DiGregorio; together they co-host the fantastic Movie Lovers Unite podcast. Though a series of cross promotional guest appearances I eventually ended up on one of Rossie’s multiple platforms. You see: where many people are content with just having one podcast, YouTube or Twitch channel, Rossie is actually hosting or co-hosting multiple platforms. I first knew her through the Movie Lovers Unite podcast that’s also available as a YouTube channel. On this show She and John talk about a variety of subjects regarding TV shows and movies. There you can find movie reviews, interviews, trailer reactions and more. On Tuesday nights she hosts Rossie Talks where she shares her unique perspective on film and television as well as video game reviews, interviews and where she occasionally hosts panel shows. Finally, on Mondays, there’s Rossie’s Clubhouse where McCree talks to high profile entertainers including vocalists, thespians, film directors, and hip-hop artists, like up-and-coming Sacramento based rapper Yumz Awkword and Grammy nominated rapper Big V of the Nappy Roots.

Hosting and producing multiple quality shows is a huge task and it’s a challenge that Rossie is big enough to handle, and with all of these amazing outlets she still found time to help a brother out. See, what had happed was: I had developed this skit over a couple of the October horror themed episodes covering the movies in the Alien franchise. In the beginning of December, I wanted to bring the skit to a close with a punch, but I felt that I needed the help of an actual actor to pull it off, but who’s in my circle who might be willing to help out? Rossie, that’s who!

You see, within her already packed skill set, Ms. Rossie is also a gifted actor. She’s appeared in shorts including Manufactured Beauty by Millie Jean Warren, Hidden in Plain Sight by Micha Decell and the moving, and haunting Strange Lights by Brian Eric Johnson (available on YouTube). She was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule to provide her voice talent for a character that I had developed for the final skit in episode #124 Alien: Resurrection (Featuring Rod & Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips). On that show she provided the voice of an “occultist detective” named Black Friday, a mysterious figure with the power to instantly exorcise a possessed person (I know this concept is a little rough. I’m . . . I’m still workshopping this idea).

Anyway, check out Rossie McCree at her various shows whenever you get the chance and you can find her as a guest co-host on Back Look Cinema episode #109: Brotherhood of the Wolf. Please follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and, if you enjoy Movie Lovers Unite in particular, then consider chipping in to their Patreon and you can get behind-the-scene clips and early video uploads. I’m sure that you’ll be as moved and entertained as I’ve been throughout Rossie's various ventures. Given the wide variety of subjects that she presents like a bountiful buffet, it won’t be hard to find a seat at her table and have your fill being content with the fact that Ms. McCree had spoken.

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1 Comment

Rossie Barquist
Rossie Barquist
Dec 29, 2023

Thank you so much Zo, really appreciate you!

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