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Zachary Richardson

Zachary was born in 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He's a gamer who likes to draw anime and popular cartoon characters. Besides watching anime and playing video games like The Last of Us, Spider-Man, and the Assassin's Creed series. He enjoys rap, hip-hop, and alternative rock. Obviously, he loves movies; however, he avoids anything that has romance in it. On this podcast you'll hear him with his takes and his opinions concerning the old movies that his dad makes him watch, movies that his father watched when his father was young. 


Alonzo Richardson

Alonzo was born in 1971 in Washington, D.C. He's an illustrator with a flare for comic book style drawings, and he occasionally dabbles in photography and painting. He plays a multitude of video games, like The Last of Us 2, and Star Wars: Fallen Order. He loves movies of almost any sort; Although, he tends to avoid romances and romantic comedies. On this podcast you can expect him to focus on action movies and thrillers with a smattering of drama. 

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Gettin' Started 

One day Zo leaned that one of his favorite podcast hosts, Marc Bernardin, was engaged in an interesting project with his son during The Great 2020 Pandemic Quarantine.

What Marc did was that he shared movies that he loved when he was a teenager with his teenage son. Marc's son had never seen these glorious pieces of cinema and delighted in the viewing.

Alonzo thought that would be a neat idea that he could do with his own son, Zach. After screening such classics as The Highlander, Total Recall, and Universal Soldier Zo realized that this bonding activity would be a great idea for a podcast. Zach was not amused. After much encouragement, however, Zach joined Zo in this venture and thus the Back Look Cinema Podcast with Zach & Zo was born.  Zach remained on the show until November 2021, but father & son continue to enjoy movies together.


Why Even Do This ?

This show was created in the midst of the 2020 Pandemic.  Such trying conditions has the potential to cause families to drift apart even when they are stuck together.  In any event people have to be creative in order to be continuously engaged with each other.  We have to invent something new: a new hobby, a new activity, or a new obsession. 

So, How about a father & son team that explores movies?  Could that be a bonding agent?  Could it be that a father & son sharing their experiences with the world could help them strengthen their relationship.  It's certainly possible, and this podcast was created to explore that possibility . . . and maybe sell some merch.

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