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Chris or Kris

Kris & Kristine from the Kris & Kristine Show
Chris (or Kris) and Kristine

The prolific Chris Smith joined me on episode #125: Die Hard. When Chris first started podcasting, he, like the most of us, knew almost nothing about it. His first podcast is the Kris and Kristine show, and in the making of that show he learned about how to make his podcast better. He continuously practiced his craft and managed different equipment to the point where he’s made his show sound confident and professional.

At some point people began to ask him how he got his show to sound so competent. He gave his suggestions and lessons that he’d learned to anyone who asked when he realized that he could be more effective if he could just dispense his advice in a podcast. This is how he created Podtastic Audio where he leads his listeners to improve the quality of their podcasts on a budget.

So, if you want to learn to improve your podcast or if you want the general entertainment of a radio style morning show, then Chris or Kris has got you covered. You also may be wondering what’s the deal with the spelling of the name “Chris,” well then check out our Die Hard episode and learn all about this outstanding, upstanding go-getter. Believe me

when I say that Chris Smith has got your back.

Podastic Audio
the Kris and Kristine Show

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