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John T. Bolds: Star Trek Fan

We were pleased to welcome Mr. John T. Bolds to our show for Ep. 123: Alien ³, released on November 6, 2023. John is the fantastic producer for Open Pike Night and Green Shirt: A Newbie's Guide to Trek. He's part of an incredible team of creative talent including Cameron Harrison, Rob Campbell, Bobi Blue, and Jesse Bailey. They've banded together to bring about some of the most entertaining, insightful and informative podcasts from across the internets.

This is John's second appearance on the show. He previously appeared on Ep. 68: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with his friend, and the host of Green Shirts, Cameron. Although John has a wide range of appreciation for science fiction he has a peticular fondness for Star Trek, so it was a great privaledge to have him on as a guest for on of the greatest Star Trek movies of all time. What is even more interesting is that, although Alien³ is not considered by many to be a great film, John is one of the few who holds this film in high regards. Admittedly, after a second viewing, you can see the cernals of greatness in this film, and it is a great lesson of what the film might have been had the studio had not interfered with David Fincher's artistic vision.

When I first talked to John, he and his crew had just begun Open Pike Night, a Star Trek: Strange New Worlds re-watch show in which listeners can leave a voice mail that would be read on the show. No one was sure that this gimmick would work, nor where they sure that the new Star Trek show would last for more than a season. They had actually prepared for only a ten episode podcast. Not only is the show still going strong in it's second year, but they've also got the chance to interviews some of the writers, composers, principle actors and even the showrunner. Along with the excellent and insightful questions that they ask, one can hear that there's always great rapport between the hosts and their guest.

So, if you haven't already: check out Ep. 123: Alien ³ (Featuring: John T. Bolds from Open Pike Night) to hear more about John's excellent podcast journey.

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