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Because Rod and Karen Are Hot

The Black Guy Who Tips Rod and Karen Morrow

For over ten years and 2400 episodes, Rod and Karen Morrow have been hot, and not just in appearance. Their rock-solid marriage is on display as they banter back and forth about their personal lives and current events from their home in Charlette, N.C.

As a united front, their show, The Black Guy Who Tips, has been on fire with funny and engaging commentary on Black culture, outlandish news, uncanny gossip, unstoppable opinions and thoughtful interviews.

Throughout the years the integrity that they possess has attracted prestigious guests like Roy Wood Jr., Bomani Jones, Jemele Hill, and Elon James White to their award-winning show. The ease with which Rod and Karen exchange ideas have led them to being honored guests on pods such as The Evening Jones, Roy’s Job Fair, and Open Mic, but I first discovered them on The For All Nerds Show.

Being that they are not afraid to put their nerdiness on full display, they share their opinions on sci fi, fantasy, horror, and superhero films and TV shows. What I appreciate is that Rod, in particular, has many of the same opinions on Marvel movies that I have, so when someone is bad mouthing one of the movies that I love, I can rely on Rod to come to the rescue with a well-prepared defense.

In addition to their work on their own podcast Mr. Roderick Morrow is currently writing for the podcast Drapetomaniax: Unshackled History. He has also been a writer for Game Theory with Bomani Jones on HBO. The couple also share voice acting duties for Drapetomaniax as well as several audio plays, and at conventions such as Awesomecon and Revolt Music Conference they've been featured panelists.

It is a pleasure to have them return to the show to talk about the fourth, and, as far as I'm concerned, final film in the Alien franchise: Alien: Resurrection. We all had a great time when they were here previously on Ep. 104: Die Hard with a Vengeance, because talking to them, for me, was like a chat with old friends. Check it out if you hadn't already.


In short, Rod and Karen are fun to listen to, learn from, and be entertained by, so start your day or begin your evening commute with The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast, because Rod and Karen are hot.

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